Elsevier's Dictionary of Mammals by Murray Wrobel

By Murray Wrobel

This authoritative dictionary has been compiled with the purpose of giving an summary of the English, German, French and Italian names of mammals. the elemental desk comprises, in alphabetical order, the medical names of households, genera, species and sub-species and synonyms with the pointed out names targeted in all 4 languages. those are given within the singular for species and sub-species and within the plural for different phrases. The synonyms and subspecies are provided intimately. The editor bargains a number of substitute spellings of vernacular names. This dictionary is an exceptional consultant for each researcher in mammalogy.

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A. v. f i Aotus azarai Primates - Atelidae Azara's Night Monkey; Southern Night Monkey; Southern Owl Monkey Aoto di Azara; Mirichina Aotus azarai infulatus Primates - Atelidae Feline Night Monkey; Kuhl's Night Monkey Aoto felino Aotus brumbacki syn. A. v. 321 e d i 322 e d f i 323 e i 324 Aotus hershkovitzi Primates - Atelidae Hershkovitz's Night Monkey Hershkovitzs Nachtaffe Aoto di Hershkovitz Aotus infulatus syn. A. v. Aotus lemurinus Primates - Atelidae Lemurine Night Monkey; Western Night Monkey Nördlicher Nachtaffe Douroucouli aux pattes grises; Singe de nuit Aoto lemurino; Dourmoucouli; Scimmia gufo Aotus lemurinus brumbacki Primates - Atelidae Brumbach's Night Monkey Aoto di Brumbach Aotus miconax 325 e f i 326 e d f i 327 e d f i 328 e f i 329 e d f i Primates - Atelidae Andean Night Monkey; Thomas's Night Monkey; Peruvian Night Monkey Singe de nuit Aoto delle Ande Aotus nancymaae Primates - Atelidae Ma's Night Monkey; Nancy Ma's Night Monkey; Peruvian Red-necked Owl Monkey Singe de nuit Aoto di Nancy Ma Aotus nigriceps Primates - Atelidae Black-headed Night Monkey Musmuqui Singe de nuit Aoto dalla testa nera Aotus trivirgatus Primates - Atelidae Three-banded Night Monkey; Northern Night Monkey; Douroucouli; Owl Monkey; Humboldt's Night Monkey Mirikina; Nachtaffe Singe de nuit; Douroucouli commun; Douroucouli Aoto dalle tre striscie Aotus vociferans Primates - Atelidae Noisy Night Monkey; Spix's Night Monkey Singe de nuit Aoto vocifero Aplodontia Rodentia - Apolodontidae Mountain Beavers; Sewellels Stummelschwanzhörnchen Castors de montagne Castori di Montagna Aplodontia rufa 330 e d f i 331 e Aplodontia rufa Rodentia - Apolodontidae Mountain Beaver; Sewellel Stummelschwanzhörnchen; Biberhörnchen Castor de montagne Castoro di montagna Aplodontia rufa nigra Rodentia - Apolodontidae Point Arena Mountain Beaver 28 i Topo selvatico dorso-striato; Sorcio campagnolo 337 Apodemus alpicola Rodentia - Muridae Alpine Field Mouse; Alpine Mouse Alpenwaldmaus Mulot alpestre Topo selvatico alpino e d f i 338 332 e 333 e 334 e d f i 335 e d f i 336 e d f Aplodontia rufa phaea Rodentia - Apolodontidae Point Reyes Mountain Beaver Aplodontia rufa raineri Rodentia - Apolodontidae Cascade Mountain Beaver Aplodontidae Rodentia Mountain Beavers; Sewellels Stummelschwanzhörnchen Aplodontidés; Castors de montagne Aplodontidi; Castori della montagna Apodemus Rodentia - Muridae Old World Wood and Field Mice; Wood Mice; Field Mice; Long-tailed Field Mice Brandmäuse; Waldmäuse; Wald- und Feldmäuse Mulots; Souris des bois Topi selvatici Apodemus agrarius Rodentia - Muridae Striped Field Mouse; Black-striped Field Mouse Brandmaus Mulot rayé; Souris agraire; Souris des champs; Souris rayée; Souris rousse; Rat des champs; Rat à bandes e d 339 e d 340 e d 341 e d 342 e d f i Apodemus argenteus Rodentia - Muridae Small Japanese Field Mouse Kleine Japanische Waldmaus Apodemus arianus Rodentia - Muridae Persian Field Mouse; Kohrud Wood Mouse Iran-Waldmaus; Persische Waldmaus Apodemus chevrieri Rodentia - Muridae Chevrier's Field Mouse Chevrier-Waldmaus Apodemus draco Rodentia - Muridae Formosan Field Mouse; South China Field Mouse Südchinesische Waldmaus Apodemus flavicollis Rodentia - Muridae Yellow-necked Field Mouse; Yellow-necked Mouse; South China Field Mouse; Yellow-necked Wood Mouse; Tell Große Waldmaus; Gelbhalsmaus; Halsbandmaus; Springmaus Mulot à collier; Mulot fauve; Mulot à collier roux Topo selvatico collo-giallo; Topo selvatico dal collo giallo 29 Apodemus sylvaticus hebridensis 343 e d 344 e d 345 e d 346 e d Apodemus fulvipectus Rodentia - Muridae Yellow-breasted Field Mouse Gelbbrustmaus Apodemus gurkha Rodentia - Muridae Himalajan Field Mouse Himalaja-Waldmaus Apodemus hermonensis Rodentia - Muridae Mount Hermon Field Mouse Hermon-Waldmaus Apodemus hyrcanicus Rodentia - Muridae Caucasus Field Mouse; Caucasian Field Mouse Kaukasus-Waldmaus Apodemus krkensis syn.

V. 316 e d f i 317 e f i 318 e d Aonyx congicus Carnivora - Mustelidae Zaire Clawless Otter; Small-toothed Clawless Zaire Otter; Congo Clawless Otter; Lower Congo Clawless Otter; Swamp Otter Kongo-Fingerotter; KongoWeißwangenotter; Fleckenotter; Kongo-Kleinkrallenotter Loutre aux joues blanches du Congo Lontra senza unghie del Congo; Lontra dalle guance bianche del Congo Aonyx congicus microdon Carnivora - Mustelidae Cameroon Clawless Otter; West African Clawless Otter; Smalltoothed Clawless Otter Loutre aux joues blanches du Cameroun Lontra dalle guance bianche del Camerun Aotus Primates - Atelidae Night Monkeys; Douroucoulis; Owl Monkeys Mirikinas; Nachtaffen; Eulenaffen; Douroucoulis 27 Aplodontia f i 319 e i 320 e i Nyctipithèques; Singes des nuits; Douroucoulis; Singes nocturnes Aoti e Aotus azarae syn.

V. Aulacomys syn. v. 460 e d Auliscomys Rodentia - Muridae Big-eared Mice Südamerikanische Blattohrmäuse Auliscomys boliviensis 461 e 462 e 463 e 464 e d f i 465 e d f i 466 e d f i 467 e d f i Auliscomys boliviensis Rodentia - Muridae Bolivian Big-eared Mouse 38 468 e Auliscomys pictus Rodentia - Muridae Painted Big-eared Mouse d f i Auliscomys sublimis Rodentia - Muridae Andean Big-eared Mouse 469 Australophocoena Cete - Phocoenidae Spectacled Porpoises Brillenschweinswale Marsouins Focene dagli occhiali e d f 470 e d f i Australophocoena dioptrica Cete - Phocoenidae Spectacled Porpoise; South Atlantic Porpoise; Southern Harbour Porpoise Brillenschweinswal; Brillentümmler Marsouin à lunettes; Marsouin de Lahille Focena dagli occhiali 471 Avahi Primates - Indriide Woolly Lemurs; Avahis; Woolly Indris Wollmakis Avahis Licanoti 472 Avahi laniger Primates - Indriide Eastern Woolly Lemur; Eastern Avahi; Woolly Indri; Avahi Lemur; Woolly Lemur; Avahi Wollmaki; Vliesmaki; Avahi Avahi laineux oriental Licanoto lanoso; Avahi e d f i e d f i 473 e d f Avahi occidentalis Primates - Indriide Western Woolly Lemur; Western Avahi Westlicher Wollmaki Avahi laineux occidental Licanoto occidentale Avahi unicolor Primates - Indriide Unicoloured Avahi Einfarbiger Wollmaki; Nordwestlicher Wollmaki; Sambirano-Wollmaki Avahi laineux unicolore Axis Artiodactyla - Cervidae Axis Deer Fleckenhirsche; Tüpfelhirsche Cerfs axis Cervi porcini Axis axis Artiodactyla - Cervidae Chital; Indian Spotted Deer; Spotted Deer; Axis Deer Axishirsch; Tüpfelhirsch; Chital Axis; Cerf axis Cervo pomellato; Cervo axis Axis axis axis Artiodactyla - Cervidae Indian Axis Deer Indischer Axishirsch Cerf axis de l'Inde Cervo axis Axis axis ceylonensis Artiodactyla - Cervidae Ceylonese Axis Deer; Ceylon Spotted Deer Ceylon-Axishirsch Cerf axis de Ceylan 39 Axis porcinus porcinus 474 e d f i 475 e d f i 476 e d f i 477 e d f i 478 e d f i Axis calamianensis Artiodactyla - Cervidae Calamian Deer; Calamian Hog-Deer Calamian-Schweinshirsch; CalamianHirsch Cerf calamian Cervo porcino di Calamian Axis kuhli Artiodactyla - Cervidae Bawean Deer; Kuhl's Deer Bawean-Schweinshirsch; BaweanHirsch; Kuhl-Hirsch Cerf de Kuhl Cervo porcino di Kuhl; Cervo porcino di Bawean Axis porcinus Artiodactyla - Cervidae Hog Deer Schweinshirsch Cerf-cochon Cervo porcino Axis porcinus annamiticus Artiodactyla - Cervidae Indochinese Hog Deer; Ganges Hog Deer; Thai Hog Deer Hinterindischer Schweinshirsch Cerf-cochon du Gange Cervo porcino dell'Indocina Axis porcinus porcinus Artiodactyla - Cervidae Common Hog Deer Vorderindischer Schweinshirsch Cerf-cochon commun Cervo porcino comune Babyrousa 40 B e d 485 e d 479 e d f i 480 e d f i 481 e d f 482 e f Babyrousa Artiodactyla - Suidae Babiroussas; Babirussas Babirussas; Hirscheber Babiroussas Babirussa Babyrousa babyrussa Artiodactyla - Suidae Babiroussa; Babirussa; Indian Hog; Hog Deer; Deer Hog; Pig Deer; Horned Hog Hirscheber; Babirussa Babiroussa Babirussa; Porco cervo Babyrousa babyrussa celebensis Artiodactyla - Suidae Mainland Babiroussa; Sulawesi Babirussa Sulawesi-Hirscheber Babiroussa des Célèbes Babyrousa babyrussa togeanensis Artiodactyla - Suidae Togian Babiroussa Babiroussa de l'île Togian Baeodon syn.

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