Electric Heating by Edwin James Houston

By Edwin James Houston

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Again, 5 centimetres ]ong, if the wire and had a cross - square centimetres, as shown at C, in Fig. 3, then each centimetre length of such wire would have onesection of three third the resistance of the unit cube, or HEATING OF BARE CONDUCTORS. 657 microhms. In all cases, therefore, with a sistance wire of uniform material, and temperature only necessary to multiply the resistivity by the length in cms. and divide by the cross-sectional resistivity, it is area of the wire in square centimetres, to obtain the total resistance of the wire.

Unit frequently joule, and is employed is commonly used A called the as the unit ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES. of work performed by an we for, as electric current; shall see, electric currents are capable of doing work. 738 foot-pound; or to the work done in a raising pound through nearly nine Thus, the amount of work expended in the building of the brick wall inches. just referred to, was 18,000 foot-pounds, or approximately 24,000 joules. The brick wall referred to in the pre- ceding paragraph might be erected by workmen in a day, or in six days, but, the when built, the amount of work done would be the same; namely, 24,400 joules.

And where a degree of accuracy greater than this is renot, as a rule, five quired, measurements of the resistivity of such wires, at a given temperature, are necessary. This can be done by carefully measuring the resistance of a given length of wire when its cross-section is known or can be carefully observed. The resistivity in ohms, at the temperature of the measurement, will then be the resistance multiplied by the cross- sectional area of the wire in square centimetres divided by the length of the wire in centimetres.

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