Don't Panic: The UFO Story by M. Donald (Sōryū) R

By M. Donald (Sōryū) R

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Kapany that a glass fiber surrounded by an optical fiber cladding can conduct light with considerable efficiency. Kapany’s work was brought to fruition in 1966 by Charles K. 264 Corso, however, was not on the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology Desk any earlier than 5 May 1961. Though UFOlogy is a field replete with exaggeration, deception, disinformation, delusion and outright fraud, and Corso had never adduced a shred of evidence to support his assertions, Hellyer spoke with all the certainty and conviction of the newly converted.

On 12 April 1959, a red disk-like UFO was spotted over St. ”228 Otherwise unspectacular, the sighting was remarkable for having been seen by hundreds of military and civilian witnesses, including control tower personnel, in the air space above the headquarters of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Air Defence Command (ADC), an organization that had been investigating UFOs since 1953, and for having come and gone undetected by the control tower’s radar. The ensuing publicity provided an incentive for the Canadian military to sign on to JANAP 146(D).

One stopped its descent, remaining stationary, while the other landed on the flat top of a rock about 159 feet away. The airborne object remained about 15 feet above Michalik for three minutes before departing, its colour on ascent changing from bright red, to an orange shade then to a grey tone, but then to bright orange just as it began to disappear behind some clouds. ” Michalik was cognizant of waves of heat from the object, a soft murmur, like the whir of an electric motor running very fast, a hissing sound and a sulphuric odour.

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