Distribution & Ecological Preferences of European Freshwater by W. Graf, J. Murphy, J. Dahl, C. Zamora-Munoz, M. J.

By W. Graf, J. Murphy, J. Dahl, C. Zamora-Munoz, M. J. Lopez-Rodriguez

This e-book sequence presents entire info on distribution and ecological personal tastes of ecu freshwater organisms. the 1st quantity summarises the present wisdom on ecu caddisflies (Trichoptera), in keeping with the overview of over 1,400 literature references. The distribution in the eu ecoregions (including Turkey and the Caucasian area) is given for 1,426 eu Trichoptera species and subspecies, labeled into 136 genera and 23 households. a wide selection of ecological personal tastes is gifted as numerical codes, together with feeding kinds, habitat and present personal tastes, temperature and altitude personal tastes, lifestyles length and flight classes, and the reaction to environmental pressure. The compilation is a different software for analysing freshwater biota, either for simple and utilized reasons akin to atmosphere tracking and the implementation of ecu directives within the box of environmental defense.

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1 – Trichoptera Species Rhyacophila bosnica SCHMID, 1970 Rhyacophila braaschi MALICKY & KUMANSKI, 1976 Rhyacophila brevifurcata KUMANSKI, 1986 Rhyacophila cabrankensis MALICKY, PREVIŠIC & KUCINIC, 2007 Rhyacophila cibinensis BOTOSANEANU & MARINKOVIC-GOSPODNETIC, 1967 Rhyacophila clavalis MARTYNOV, 1913 Rhyacophila confinium BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Rhyacophila cupressorum MARTYNOV, 1913 Rhyacophila denticulifera KUMANSKI, 1986 Rhyacophila diakoftensis MALICKY, 1983 Rhyacophila doehleri BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Rhyacophila dorsalis acutidens (McLACHLAN, 1879) Rhyacophila dorsalis albarracina MALICKY, 2002 Rhyacophila dorsalis dorsalis (CURTIS, 1834) Rhyacophila dorsalis nevada SCHMID, 1952 Rhyacophila dorsalis pantinii VALLE, 2001 Rhyacophila dorsalis persimilis (McLACHLAN, 1879) Rhyacophila dorsalis plitvicensis KUCINIC & MALICKY, 2002 Rhyacophila eatoni McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila evoluta McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila fagarashiensis BOTOSANEANU, 1964 Rhyacophila fasciata aliena MARTYNOV, 1916 Rhyacophila fasciata denticulata McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila fasciata fasciata HAGEN, 1859 Rhyacophila fasciata kykladica MALICKY & SIPAHILER, 1993 Rhyacophila fasciata mysica MALICKY & SIPAHILER, 1993 Rhyacophila ferox GRAF, 2006 Rhyacophila fischeri BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Rhyacophila flava KLAPÁLEK, 1898 Rhyacophila foliacea MORETTI, 1981 Rhyacophila fonticola GIUDICELLI & DAKKI, 1984 Rhyacophila forcipulata MARTYNOV, 1926 Rhyacophila fragariae MALICKY, 1976 Rhyacophila furcifera KLAPÁLEK, 1904 Rhyacophila glareosa McLACHLAN, 1867 Rhyacophila gorgitensis SIPAHILER, 1997 Rhyacophila gudrunae MALICKY, 1972 Rhyacophila hartigi MALICKY, 1971 Rhyacophila hirticornis McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila intermedia McLACHLAN, 1868 Rhyacophila isparta SIPAHILER, 1996 Rhyacophila italica ilvana MORETTI, 1981 Rhyacophila italica italica MORETTI, 1981 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 63 Species Rhyacophila joani SIPAHILER, 2000 Rhyacophila joosti MEY, 1979 Rhyacophila kelnerae SCHMID, 1971 Rhyacophila kimminsiana BOTOSANEANU, 1958 Rhyacophila kownackiana SZCZESNY, 1970 Rhyacophila kumanskii SPURIS, 1988 Rhyacophila laevis PICTET, 1834 Rhyacophila laufferi NAVÁS, 1918 Rhyacophila loxias SCHMID, 1970 Rhyacophila lusitanica McLACHLAN, 1884 Rhyacophila margaritae KUMANSKI, 1998 Rhyacophila martynovi martynovi MOSELY, 1930 Rhyacophila martynovi tetensis SIPAHILER, 1993 Rhyacophila melpomene MALICKY, 1976 Rhyacophila meridionalis PICTET, 1865 Rhyacophila meyeri McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila mocsaryi mocsaryi KLAPÁLEK, 1894 Rhyacophila mocsaryi tredosensis SCHMID, 1952 Rhyacophila morettina BOTOSANEANU, 1980 Rhyacophila motasi BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Rhyacophila munda McLACHLAN, 1862 Rhyacophila nubila (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Rhyacophila obelix MALICKY, 1979 Rhyacophila obliterata McLACHLAN, 1863 Rhyacophila obtusa KLAPÁLEK, 1894 Rhyacophila occidentalis McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila orghidani BOTOSANEANU, 1952 Rhyacophila orobica MORETTI, 1991 Rhyacophila osellai MALICKY, 1981 Rhyacophila pallida MOSELY, 1930 Rhyacophila palmeni McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila pascoei McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila pendayica MALICKY, 1975 Rhyacophila philopotamoides McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila pirinica KUMANSKI, 1982 Rhyacophila polonica McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila pongensis SIPAHILER, 2000 Rhyacophila praemorsa McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila producta McLACHLAN, 1879 Rhyacophila psezuapse MELNITSKY, 2004 Rhyacophila pubescens PICTET, 1834 Rhyacophila pulchra SCHMID, 1952 Rhyacophila ravizzai MORETTI, 1991 64 DEPEFO Vol.

Species inventory 31 Ecoregional distribution 67 Endemism 117 Stream zonation preference 139 Altitude preference and altitude preference (WFD) 163 Microhabitat/substrate preference and habitat specialist 191 Hydrologic preference 221 Current preference 229 Temperature preference and temperature range preference 255 pH preference 267 Salinity preference 273 Feeding type 279 Respiration 291 Resistance/resilience to droughts 323 Life duration 329 Emergence/flight period and duration of emergence period 335 Reproductive life cycles per year 355 References to the ecological parameters 361 Ecological parameters 29 This page intentionally left blank 30 DEPEFO Vol.

1 – Trichoptera Species APATANIIDAE Apatania auricula FORSSLUND, 1930 Apatania carpathica SCHMID, 1954 Apatania cimbrica NIELSEN, 1950 Apatania crymophila McLACHLAN, 1880 Apatania cypria TJEDER, 1952 Apatania dalecarlica (FORSSLUND IN FORSSLUND & TJEDER, 1942) Apatania eatoniana McLACHLAN, 1880 Apatania fimbriata (PICTET, 1834) Apatania forsslundi TOBIAS, 1981 Apatania helvetica SCHMID, 1954 Apatania hispida (FORSSLUND, 1930) Apatania intermedia NIELSEN, 1950 Apatania jemtlandica NIELSEN, 1969 Apatania kolteriana NIELSEN, 1969 Apatania majuscula McLACHLAN, 1872 Apatania mercantoura BOTOSANEANU & GIUDICELLI, 2004 Apatania meridiana McLACHLAN, 1880 Apatania muliebris McLACHLAN, 1866 Apatania nielseni SCHMID, 1953 Apatania olympica MALICKY, 1982 Apatania scandinavica SVENSSON & TJEDER, 1975 Apatania scherfi BURKHARDT & TOBIAS, 1982 Apatania schmidiana IVANOV & GRIGORENKO, 1991 Apatania stigmatella (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Apatania stylata NAVÁS, 1916 Apatania subtilis MARTYNOV, 1909 Apatania szczesnyorum OLAH, 2006 MALICKY, 1981 Apatania vespica IVANOV, 1991 Apatania volscorum MORETTI, 1988 Apatania wallengreni McLACHLAN, 1871 Apatania zonella (ZETTERSTEDT, 1840) Apataniana borcka SIPAHILER, 1996 Apataniana hellenica MALICKY, 1987 Apataniana stropones MALICKY, 1993 Apataniana vardusia MALICKY, 1992 BERAEIDAE Beraea alva MALICKY, 1975 Beraea aureomarginata MOSELY, 1930 Beraea botosaneanui MORETTI, 1981 Beraea crichtoni MORETTI, 1981 Beraea dira McLACHLAN, 1875 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 33 Species Beraea iglesiensis MALICKY, 1981 Beraea ilvae MORETTI, 1981 Beraea malahiguerra SCHMID, 1952 Beraea malatebrera SCHMID, 1952 Beraea maurus (CURTIS, 1834) Beraea morettii MALICKY, 1981 Beraea pallida MOSELY, 1930 Beraea pullata (CURTIS, 1834) Beraea rostrata MARTYNOV, 1913 Beraea terrai MALICKY, 1975 Beraea tschundra MALICKY, 1977 Beraea walteri MALICKY, 1975 Beraea zawadil MALICKY, 1977 Beraeamyia antalya SIPAHILER, 1989 Beraeamyia aphyrte MALICKY, 1972 Beraeamyia devrekensis SIPAHILER, 2005 Beraeamyia gudrunae MALICKY, 2002 Beraeamyia hrabei (MAYER, 1937) Beraeamyia kamberlera MALICKY & SIPAHILER, 1993 Beraeamyia kutsaftikii MALICKY, 1975 Beraeamyia matsakii MALICKY, 1980 Beraeamyia mugla SIPAHILER, 1989 Beraeamyia schmidi BOTOSANEANU, 1960 Beraeamyia squamosa MOSELY, 1930 Beraeodes minutus (LINNAEUS, 1761) Beraeodina palpalis MOSELY, 1931 Ernodes abanticus SIPAHILER, 1983 Ernodes anatolicus SIPAHILER, 1983 Ernodes articularis (PICTET, 1834) Ernodes botosaneanui VAILLANT, 1982 Ernodes digitatus MARTYNOV, 1918 Ernodes dirgenensis SIPAHILER, 1998 Ernodes kakofonix MALICKY, 1979 Ernodes macahelensis SIPAHILER, 1997 Ernodes malickyi SIPAHILER, 2001 Ernodes nigroauratus nigroauratus MOSELY, 1930 Ernodes nigroauratus romaniulus MORETTI, CIANFICCONI, CAMPADELLI & CRUDELE, 1999 Ernodes nigroauratus siculus MALICKY, 1981 Ernodes palpatus MARTYNOV, 1909 Ernodes rizeiensis SIPAHILER, 1987 Ernodes saltans MARTYNOV, 1913 Ernodes skipetarum MALICKY, 1986 Ernodes vicinus (McLACHLAN, 1879) 34 DEPEFO Vol.

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