Deschooling L’earning: Young Adults and the New Spirit of by Michael Singh; Roberta Harreveld

By Michael Singh; Roberta Harreveld

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Here, we focus on government policies and practices seeking solutions to the education, social and economic dilemmas posed by those categorised as ‘not in employment, education or training’ (NEETs) (Roberts, 2011). The label ‘NEET’ refers to ‘the idleness of a [young adult] for whom there is nothing to “make” and who does not know what to “do” – that is how to “act” ’ (Illich, 1973a, p. 67). Being in education, training and/or work is virtuous and the idleness is bad. Unemployment is the experience of the man [sic] who has succumbed to the Protestant ethic.

7. 8. 31 Mental illness At risk of engaging in self-harm or substance abuse Being repeatedly excluded from school An intergenerational history of early school leaving In Australia, alternative l’earning services have been developed in response to critiques about young adults who have disengaged from schooling as a result of homelessness, parenting and family conflict (Harreveld and Singh, 2011). For young early school leavers, a range of alternative l’earning services have been established across Europe (Eurofound, 2012): 1.

7). Thus, it is incorrect to assert that cultural and character training are undertaken ‘without any thought of practical advantage’ (Williams, 1965, p. 163). For Weber (1992), vocation (or in German, Beruf ) means exercising a professional stance towards one’s occupation, no matter what one’s calling might be. Over the decades the idea of each and every vocation 28 Deschooling L’earning having religious significance and expressing ‘brotherly [sic] love’ as well as being of ‘exactly the same worth’ (Weber, 1992, p.

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