Delay analysis in construction contracts by P. John Keane, Anthony F. Caletka

By P. John Keane, Anthony F. Caletka

Preface. 1 creation. 1.1 normal. 1.1.1 function of 'delay research in construction'. 1.1.2 information. 1.1.3 building making plans and programming. 1.2 development delays. 1.2.1 choosing delays. 1.2.2 Analysing building delays. 1.2.3 hold up declare life-cycle. 1.3 Burning concerns in hold up research. 1.4 Presentation and case examine. 2 building Programmes. 2.1 creation. 2.1.1 making plans, Programming and venture Controls. 2.1.2 parts of a winning venture. 2.2 making plans and Programming. 2.2.1 venture making plans. 2.2.2 paintings Breakdown constitution. 2.3 CPM Programming strategies; the basics. 2.3.1 job intervals. 2.3.2 job Relationships. 2.3.3 occasion Date Calculations. 2.3.4 ahead go. 2.3.5 Backward cross. 2.3.6 overall waft. 2.3.7 Constraints. 2.4 Baseline Validation. 2.4.1 Joint Baseline assessment. 2.4.2 Programme Approval. 2.4.3 The undertaking Baseline. 2.5 different making plans suggestions. 2.5.1 PERT - undertaking evaluate and assessment approach. 2.5.2 Gantt Charts (Bar Charts). 2.5.3 Line of stability. 2.5.4 severe Chain Method/Theory of Constraints. 2.6 Why use CPM making plans or Scheduling Techniques?. 2.6.1 venture administration. 2.6.2 As-planned programmes. 2.7 venture Controls and the venture regulate Cycle. 2.7.1 development tracking. 2.7.2 approach and examine info, Earned worth approach. 2.7.3 the associated fee and agenda functionality Curves. 2.7.4 Time regulate. 2.7.5 Programme Updates. 2.8 documents, files, Records... 2.8.1 digital documents. 2.9 Predatory Programming Practices. 2.10 information. three id of development Delays. 3.1 constructing a foundation for deciding upon hold up. 3.1.1 normal necessities. 3.1.2 Validation of an As-Planned Programme. 3.2 real proof and As-Built Programmes. 3.2.1 As-Built Programme instruction. 3.2.2 precis. 3.3 identity of hold up occasions. 3.3.1 hold up id. 3.3.2 Recording Delays. 3.4 id and research of Disruption. 3.4.1. Disruption and hold up. 3.4.2 Calculating Disruption. 3.4.3 setting up reason. 3.4.4 overall fee Claims/Global Claims. 3.4.5 Measured Mile. 3.4.6 Graphical Presentation. 3.4.7 precis. four research of development Delays. 4.1 creation to hold up research concepts. 4.1.1 using CPM strategies. 4.1.2 venture making plans software program. 4.1.3 choosing Delays - reason or Effect?. 4.2 clarification of the to be had suggestions. 4.2.1 Additive equipment of hold up research. 4.2.2 Impacted As-Planned. 4.2.3 Time effect research. 4.2.4 Collapsed As-Built. 4.2.5 As-Built dependent tools of research. 4.2.6 overall Time exams. 4.2.7 As-Planned as opposed to As-Built home windows research. 4.2.8 Contemporaneous home windows research. 4.2.9 monthly replace research. 4.3 choice standards and tips. 4.3.1 The SCL hold up and Disruption Protocol. 4.3.2 The middle Statements of precept. 4.3.3 urged perform No. 29R-03 'Forensic time table Analysis'. 4.3.4 Which strategy to use below given conditions. 4.4 precis. five not easy concerns. 5.1 creation. 5.2 flow and hold up Claims. 5.2.1 basic Definitions -- what's 'Float'?. 5.2.2 How glide is used. 5.2.3 glide Loss and the impression. 5.2.4 size of glide Loss. 5.2.5 Who Owns the Float?. 5.3 Concurrency. 5.3.1 Definitions. 5.3.2 hold up research and Concurrency. 5.3.3 SCL hold up and Disruption Protocol. 5.3.4 hold up situations. 5.3.5 universal Questions. 5.3.6 event and common-sense. 5.3.7 the idea that of Pacing. 5.4 Programme Approvals and arduous requirements. 5.4.1 Programme specifications, layout and Compliance. 5.4.2 Approval or reputation of building Programme. 5.5 Acceleration and Mitigation. 5.5.1 Mitigation. 5.5.2 Acceleration. 5.5.3 Contractors' correct to early crowning glory. 6 potent Presentation of hold up research. 6.1 advent. 6.2 Case research - Airport Terminal enlargement. 6.2.1 preliminary research via celebration appointed making plans specialists. 6.2.2 utilizing Time impression research for Prolongation. 6.2.3 Tribunal making plans Expert's Contemporaneous procedure. 6.2.4 Runway Extension - Are delays to the Runway Extension relevant?. 6.2.5 Terminal construction - Are delays to the Terminal construction relevant?. 6.3 glide Mapping - procedure and technique. 6.3.1 Extracting drift Values. 6.3.2 Create drift Map. 6.3.3 establish riding actions. 6.3.4 As-Built severe direction. 6.4 Demonstrating Acceleration. 6.5 Presentation abilities - Demonstrative facts. 6.5.1 precis. Index

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7. 7 are explained as follows: • • • • finish-to-start – Task B cannot start until Task A has finished finish-to-start with lag – Task B cannot start until ‘d’ days have elapsed after Task A has finished start-to-start – Task B cannot start until Task A has started finish-to-finish with lag – Task B cannot finish until ‘d’ days have elapsed after Task A has finished. 28 Delay Analysis in Construction Contracts The ‘d’ periods represented above are referred to as ‘lags’. g. g. −5 days). The latter are also termed negative lags.

Planners should ask many questions of the project participants and gather as much information as necessary before publishing a programme for construction or bidding purposes. The more information available to the project controls team regarding task duration, assumptions, resources requirements, cost allocation and scope the more effective they can be in managing change and the impact of unforeseen events affecting schedule performance. 2 Activity relationships The second variable, ‘activity relationships’, is made up of either ‘hard’ logic (natural construction sequence) or ‘soft’ logic (preferential construction sequence).

It is a technique which also identifies the activities and constraints on the critical path. The two methods of developing logical relationships in CPM are: arrow diagramming method (ADM ) and precedence diagramming method (PDM). 4. Before the advent of powerful personal computers and colour graphics, AOA planning was the primary tool for developing CPM activity logic. The critical path was denoted by a bold (heavier) line weight. All relationships in an AOA network were ‘finish to start’, as defined by a unique number assigned to each node.

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