Deathlands 64 Bloodfire by James Axler

By James Axler

The Amazon Basin is still a land of primoridal good looks and primitive humans. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists emerge from a gateway into an deserted U.S. army advanced, now a local shrine to the white gods of pre-blast days. the following the crowd is given royal therapy, simply to find that privilege has a blood rate. unique.

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A dry breeze blew over the rocks as Alar stared at the younger being, then with slow calculated care, the leader raised his staff high and also plunged it deep into the ground. " he roared. Now the rest of the Core moved away from the combatants, and the horses started nickering in fear. Without comment, the companions retreated from the two beings only seconds before the whole world seem to whirl once more, and the companions fell helpless to the ground, their minds exploding with visions of violent death and chaotic madness.

Said. "We can only do this once," the physician warned. " "Better that than death," Ryan said grimly. B. said wryly, hooking both thumbs into his belt. " Quickly, the companions laid out their belongings and checked over every item carefully, but no other traps were discovered. That was good news, but it was tempered by the fact that the companions were now dangerously low on water and reduced to only five horses for seven adults. "Mebbe take turns riding," Jak suggested hesitantly, rubbing his wounded arm.

475 Express, Krysty broke the breech, the two spent shells popping out to fall away as she thumbed in two more. Revealed amid the smashed skeleton and torn pieces of the cactus was a pulsating wound of exposed organs, ligaments and tendons. Ryan fired two more rounds from his SIG-Sauer directly down the gullet of the creature and it went still, the pumping ichor slowing to a mere trickle and then stopping completely. " Dean scowled, dropping the spent clip from his blaster and slipping in a fresh one.

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