Deathlands 62 - Damnation Road Show by James Axler

By James Axler

Continue to exist or perish at nighttime center of day after today. HELL highway within the ruins of a nuke-shattered the United States, each guy, girl and baby of the apocalyptic frontier makes a dangerous trip to the long run. yet there's a fork that divides the trail towards humanity reborn . . . and the line deep into the hell that's Deathlands. Ryan Cawdor made his selection some time past, during this barbaric new international that conspires opposed to desire . . . MONSTERS, MUTIES AND FREAKS Eerie remnants of pre-Dark instances linger a century after the nuclear blowout. yet a touring highway exhibit offers new intending to the note chilling. Ryan and his warrior crew have witnessed this carny's handiwork within the ruins and sufferers of unsuspecting villes. Even dealing with great odds does not anything to discourage the partners from tough this wandering loss of life service provider and a military of circus freaks. And not anyone knows steel-eyed monster from the previous is getting ready a personal act that might supply Ryan superstar billing . . . within the Deathlands, all you get is a one-way price ticket.

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The carny master thanked him, then returned with Jackson to the biggest wag, which pulled out of file to lead the convoy to the campsite. The marching music started up again as the wags and trailers rolled forward. Dust boiled up from their tires, swirling in thick, yellow clouds through the open gate of the berm. Out of the corner of her eye, Leeloo caught more movement on the plain. Shadowy figures advanced through the man-made dust storm, making for the ville's entrance. They were hard to see with the all dust and the sunlight slanting hard behind them.

The new and improved carny operation was large scale, large profit and held together by fear and greed—the hellscape's twin wellsprings of motivation. That someone was after the accumulated spoils of mass murder came as no surprise to the Magnificent Crecca. With a setup as sweet as this one, he'd known it had to happen, sooner or later. It had happened later rather than sooner due to the fact that Deathlands folk generally kept their heads down and minded their business. They had more than enough trouble just making it through another night, without looking for a little something extra that belonged to strangers.

Amid the tumult, something on the far side of the center ring caught Ryan's eye. Something flashed behind the mirror wall of the facing trailer. And for a fraction of a second, the silver reflective glass became vaguely, hazily transparent, as if through a pall of oily brown smoke. Then it was over. In that frozen moment Ryan glimpsed a ghostly figure whose afterimage was burned deeply into his brain. Spindly-limbed. Slouching. Menacing. Even if he hadn't seen the glare of the light on the steel, he would have known who it was.

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