Current Topics in Membranes by Klaus Ley (Eds.)

By Klaus Ley (Eds.)

Current subject matters in Membranes presents a scientific, accomplished, and rigorous method of particular themes proper to the learn of mobile membranes. This quantity offers a overview of the newest developments in leucocyte adhesion. legislation of telephone adhesion is critical for immune process functionality.


  • Contributions from top specialists within the field
  • Reviews the newest developments
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    Neutrophil Tether Dynamics The dynamic behavior of tether formation from neutrophils is of particular interest because of their role in modulating cell rolling behavior. 6 Â 10À 6 N s/m (Shao & Hochmuth, 1996; Xu & Shao, 2005). More recently, Heinrich, Leung, and Evans (2005) examined tether formation rates over a much wider range (up to 200 mm/s) and found a substantially nonlinear relationship between force and tether growth rate. Their original 18 Waugh interpretation of this was that the tethered membranes were exhibiting shear thinning behavior, and they proposed a power law dependence of growth rate on force.

    Biophysical Journal, 70, 358–369. Hochmuth, R. , Wiles, H. , Evans, E. , & McCown, J. T. (1982). Extensional flow of erythrocyte membrane from cell body to elastic tether. II. Experiment. Biophysical Journal, 39, 83–89. Hwang, W. , & Waugh, R. E. (1997). Energy of dissociation of lipid bilayer from the membrane skeleton of red blood cells. Biophysical Journal, 72, 2669–2678. King, M. , & Hammer, D. A. (2005). Nano-to-micro scale dynamics of P-selectin detachment from leukocyte interfaces. III. Numerical simulation of tethering under flow.

    1995). Lifetime of the p-selectin—carbohydrate bond and its response to tensile force in hydrodynamic flow. Nature, 374, 539–542. , & Brochard-Wyart, F. (2007). Tether extrusion from red blood cells: integral proteins unbinding from cytoskeleton. Biophysical Journal, 93(4), 1369–1379. , & Waugh, R. E. (1992). Role of lamellar membrane structure in tether formation from bilayer vesicles. Biophysical Journal, 61, 963–973. , & Nassoy, P. (2006). Hydrodynamic narrowing of tubes extruded from cells.

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