Covergirl: Confessions of a Flawed Hedonist by Maura Moynihan

By Maura Moynihan

Maura Moynihan's first novel, Covergirl, blends fact and fiction in an excellent and intriguing roman ? clef that attracts richly from the author's personal adventures as a Warhol lady and from her a long time of operating with Tibetan refugees in Asia. Meet Veronica Ferris, the daughter of an imperious socialite and a kindly yet absent diplomat. clean out of school, Veronica lands in long island in pursuit of romance, disco, and rock 'n' roll—an arrival that threatens to usurp her mother's bold attack on long island excessive society. holding her "double existence" as a skilled partygoer and a bearer of the esteemed Ferris relations identify is a high-wire act that calls for way more crafty and discretion than younger Veronica in the beginning realizes. With its unforgettable heroine and wry, hugely unique voice, Covergirl is right now a poignant coming-of-age story, a pleasant social satire, and a colourful modern day odyssey.

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Meeting Mr. Penn THE BUILDING WHERE JOHN WORKED WAS SOMEWHERE IN A cavernous midtown intersection. Veronica saw John standing outside in blue jeans, a black jacket, and cowboy boots, holding a large, nylon knapsack, the kind a college student might use as a book bag. He smiled when he saw her. ” His face was curious, glowing. “I can’t find the elevator,” Veronica said with mild embarrassment. ” He walked to the far corner of the lobby and opened a steel door. They rode up in silence. Under the harsh elevator light Veronica could see him better.

Rock stars are the best! That’s why you have to be a model! Rock stars always need a new one. ” John held a frail, white hand to his lips and fixed his gaze upon Veronica. His eyes were brilliant and blue, gleaming and intent. He summoned a tiny Asian man who brought him a large Polaroid camera. ” He pointed to a blank wall. She obeyed. He held the camera close to her face and began to snap. ” She stared into the black lens. John clicked the shutter and pulled MEETING MR. PENN 49 the film from the camera several times, then walked over to a table and placed the photographs in a neat line.

Probably. ” He slipped the machine furtively under his jacket. So was it too late for editing, for retractions—for God’s sake, protect your double life! ” MEETING MR. PENN 51 “How about . . ” “Maya is illusion in Sanskrit. ” More pink waves rippled through John’s cheeks. She knew the stories of girls being chosen, anointed, and then hastily abandoned. This odd little man with fake hair and dyed eyelashes, with his strangely graceful body and his fierce eyes riveted on her, had woven a legend. But she felt no reason to resist him.

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