Corpus Concordance and Collocation by John Sinclair

By John Sinclair

Designed for English language lecturers and different educators, this examine charts the emergence of a brand new view of language and the pc expertise linked to it

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15) a. All the 2-roles of a head must be coindexed with a maximal projection immediately dominated by a projection of the head. b. A referential index must be coindexed with something else in the structure (a theta-role, or a bound pronoun, or a trace of movement, or the subject of a predicate nominal). c. No syntactic node can bear both a referential index and a theta role. (15a) is basically one half of Chomsky’s (1981) Theta Criterion; it says that theta roles must be assigned within the relevant structural configuration.

Of No. of No. of No.  Wider syncretisms I am aware of two publications which consider rather more categories which may be syncretized across languages (Voskuil 1996; Enger and Nesset 1999). g. the prefix par- in Toba Batak can be added to nouns, intransitive or transitive verbs, but always indicates a person with a connection to the base; the suffix -ala in Waskia can be used to derive adverbs either from nouns or from adjectives). There were no surprising cases of repeated multiple syncretism.   Laurie Bauer The one possible exception — which I did not record systematically — concerns the meanings of reduplication.

That is *(a) chair. b. That is (*a) hard. c. *(A) chair just arrived. Similarly, predicate nominals in Edo require a different copular particle from predicative adjectives (see (17)). Therefore, the categorical distinction cannot be neutralized in that language either. More direct evidence that predicate nominals bear a referential index comes from examples like (30a,b). These examples show that in some circumstances a pronoun can refer back to a predicate nominal rather than to the subject of the predication.

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