Climate change and insect pests by Christer Björkman, Pekka Niemala

By Christer Björkman, Pekka Niemala

Bugs, being poikilothermic, are one of the organisms which are probably to reply to adjustments in weather, really elevated temperatures. diversity expansions into new parts, extra north and to raised elevations, are already good documented, as are physiological and phenological responses. it really is expected that the wear by way of bugs increases by reason of weather switch, i.e. expanding temperatures basically. Climate swap and bug Pests sums up current wisdom concerning either agricultural and woodland insect pests and weather switch on the way to determine destiny learn instructions

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Climate change and insect pests

Bugs, being poikilothermic, are one of the organisms which are probably to answer alterations in weather, rather elevated temperatures. variety expansions into new components, extra north and to better elevations, are already good documented, as are physiological and phenological responses. it truly is expected that the wear by means of bugs increases by reason of weather switch, i.

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Biological Invasions 12, 1231–1241. T. W. (2008) Ecological niches and potential geographical distributions of Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Natal fruit fly (Ceratitis rosa). Journal of Biogeography 35, 270–281. C. and Haase, P. (2011) Climate-change winners and losers: stream macroinvertebrates of a submontane region in Central Europe. Freshwater Biology 56, 2009– 2020. , et al. (2007) Methods to account for spatial autocorrelation in the analysis of species distributional data: a review.

The type of distribution model to be employed should be based on data availability – combining from different knowledge domains where possible. When there is comprehensive and unbiased locality sampling, the increasing availability of interpolated weather station data facilitates approximation of the species realized niche using ENMs. Experimentally derived evidence allows for mechanistic models to predict response to climate change through an estimation of fundamental niche axes. The extensive data required are not always available, so tools such as CLIMEX allow for combination across data types.

Predicting response to climate change for pest insect species will benefit greatly from advances in species distribution modelling to include knowledge of The authors thank Ary Hoffmann, Paul Umina and Sarina Macfadyen for valuable discussion. G. C. (1982) Selections from the Distribution and Abundance of Animals. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, 275 pages. M. J. (2010) Limits to the niche and range margins of alien species. Oikos 119, 1377–1386. M. S. (2012) Effects of acclimation and latitude on the activity thresholds of the aphid Myzus persicae in Europe.

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