Cities in Action by Eugene Van Cleef and G. Chandler (Auth.)

By Eugene Van Cleef and G. Chandler (Auth.)

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3. Urban Profiles. These profiles, sometimes called silhouettes, characterize four Ohio cities: (a) Cleveland, (b) Cincinnati, (c) Columbus and (d) Alliance. Profiles can serve as a kind of trademark. They can also be the basis for the construction of a model. Profiles may change in detail from year to year but in the long run the general configuration is likely to continue. URBAN PROFILES 45 Urban profiles which originally were depicted primarily for esthetic or advertising purposes have come into their own as utilitarian devices.

For the most part these are specious points of view. A civic architectural board could serve in an advisory but not a dictatorial capacity to guide builders. In most instances, desirable slight changes in form might be brought about easily without extra expense, conceiv­ ably even with less cost, and result in such harmony as to add materially to the appearance of a neighborhood and to the esthetic pleasure of those who must look at the structures daily. The materials, too, out of which buildings are made, whether brick, stone, stucco, glass, wood, or concrete, may reinforce the forms or subtract from their attractiveness.

The results are often debatable as far as the esthetic effect is concerned. It seems quite certain that if sidewalks were made more attractive they would be looked upon with greater charity by the public. For some unknown reason planners have given the matter little or no attention. Here is a void badly in need of filling. 17 MALLS IN THE EFFORT to save our central business districts Malls have been given a tryout. In a sense they represent a move to bring a piece of the outlying areas into the heart of the city.

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