Chemoecology of Insect Eggs and Egg Deposition by Monika Hilker, Torsten Meiners

By Monika Hilker, Torsten Meiners

This is often the 1st publication concentrating on the chemoecology of insect eggs and egg deposition. It covers a variety of diversified matters together with herbivorous and carnivorous bugs, social bugs and people of scientific and veterinary significance. the information compiled during this booklet may possibly advertise destiny stories on evolutionary facets on insect reproductive behaviour in addition to on controlling insect pests via concentrating on the egg degree.

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7)Differential sorting of the secreted proteins in the follicle cells. (8)Active involvement of the major morphogenic factors, namely the follicle cell microvilli and the ”filler”,in cases of chorion with cavities. e. e. innermost chorionic layer crystallization) in order to accommodate the continuously increasing oocyte volume. g. di-sulphide bonding or enzyme). 1 Formation of the Vitelline Membrane The first layer to be formed by the secretory activity of the follicle cells during eggshell morphogenesis is the vitelline membrane.

Papassideri, V. Galanopoulos, N. Messini, F. Zarani, D. Mouzaki, M. Kalantzi-Makri, K. Keramaris, I. Trougakos, F. Douroupi, I. Nezis, R. Konstanti, D. Stravopodis, N. Santama, V. Petrou, I. Mamali, G. Dranos, G. Stefas and G. Apostolou)who have contributed extensively, for almost 30 years, to some of the results and ideas discussed and who have shared the excitementof analysing insect egg structure and physiology. We hope colleagues will accept our sincere apologies for omitting, due to space limitations,many citations andor illustrations of important contributions to the field.

B,) Schematic representation of the lepidopteran immature follicle with the oocyte and 7 nurse cells. (c) Whole mount confocal microscopy of Drosophila virilis ovarioles following nuclear staining with Hoechst (a DNA-binding dye). Developmentally advanced follicle stages exiting germarium (g) are indicated. (d)Schematicrepresentation ofthefour incomplete mitotic divisions (Dl-D4) of a stem cystoblast (c) t o a 16-cell cluster in which the cells are interconnected by ring canals. One of the tw o cells with 4 ring canals (dark shading) will differentiate t o oocyte.

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