Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

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Poor Charlie," Benjamin murmured. Benjamin's big yellow dog, Runner Bean, whined sympathetically from the bed. Benjamin wondered if he'd guessed what was going to happen to him. Probably. Mr. and Mrs. Brown had spent the last two days cleaning the house and packing. Dogs always know something is up when people start packing. " Mrs. Brown called from the kitchen. Mr. Brown could be heard singing in the shower. Benjamin and Runner Bean went downstairs. Three bowls of oatmeal sat on the kitchen table.

The two teachers grudgingly accepted his apologies and told the children to hurry along to lunch. "I'll see you two at dinnertime," said Mr. Boldova, giving the children a big smile. And he walked away whistling merrily Would Charlie's plan for Ollie work? He was sure it wouldn't be as easy as Mr. Boldova seemed to think. RUNNER BEAN IS DISCOVERED On his way to the dining hall, Charlie had to pass the portraits. They hung on either side of the long, softly lit passage: haughty-looking women in lace and silk, men in dark robes or wearing velvet coats and white pants.

But thinking was exhausting so early in the day Charlie laid his head on the table and fell asleep. As luck would have it, Grandma Bone was the first person downstairs that morning. " Her shrill voice woke Charlie with a start. "Sleeping in the kitchen? " Charlie blinked up at the tall, stringy woman in her gray bathrobe. A snowy braid hung down her back and it swung from side to side as she began to march around the kitchen, banging on the kettle, slamming the fridge door, and plunking hard butter on the counter Suddenly she swiveled around and stared at Charlie.

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