Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 4: Elateroidea, by I. Lobl, A. Smetana

By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This can be the fourth quantity of a accomplished sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera recognized to happen within the Palaearctic sector. the data supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic info of all to be had names within the genus and species degrees released through the top of 1999; the taxonomic info under subfamily, equipped alphabetically; and the kind species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. the world coated comprises the Arabian Peninsula, the Himalayas, and China, and the distributional info of species and subspecies is given according to state. special distributional info for strict endemics is given, and brought species are indicated. is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the USA, and Australia.

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Concolor (Krauss, 1902) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus affinis (Ménétriés, 1832) Clanoptilus elegans var. haemorrhoidalis (Abeille de Perrin, 1891) syn. of Clanoptilus elegans (A. G. Olivier, 1790) Clanoptilus elegans var. purpureonotatus (Pie, 1952) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus elegans (A. G. Olivier, 1790) * Clanoptilus geniculatus var. obconicus (Abeille de Perrin, 1891) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus geniculatus (Germar, 1824) Clanoptilus heliophilus var. breviruber (Pie, 1914) syn. nov. of Clanoptilus heliophilus (Peyron, 1877) Clanoptilus laticollis var.

Blackburn, 1892) syn. nov. of Oenopia excelens Crotch, 1874 Paracoelopterus rufinus Normand, 1936 syn. nov. of Paracoelopterus berytensis (J. Weise, 1884) Platynaspis bimaculatus X. Pang & Mao, 1979 syn. nov. of Platynaspidius variegatus (Crotch, 1874) Paraplatynaspis bimaculatus Hoang, 1983 syn. nov. οι Platynaspidius variegatus (Crotch, 1874) Scymnus bellophalus Capra, 1925 syn. nov. οι Scymnus latemaculatus Motschulsky, 1858 Scymnus changajensis Bielawski, 1965 syn. nov. of Scymniscus zaisanensis Dobrzhanskiy, 1926 Scymnus obsoletus J.

New taxa Cryptophagus cylindrellus Johnson, sp. nov. for C. cylindrus sensu auctorum, nee C. cylindrus Kiesenwetter, 1858. Holotype male: [Switzerland] Corbeyrier 5/69 Vd 1000 Toumayeff/ /HOLOTYPE/,

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