By the Monkey's Tail (Telares Trilogy) by Kerrie O'Connor

By Kerrie O'Connor

The escapades of Lucy, Ricardo, and their Telarian acquaintances proceed during this exciting sequel to the preferred in the course of the Tiger’s Eye. Featuring magical realism components, the radical once more reunites the younger neighbors, this time to outwit the warriors who're oppressing civilians in the fantasy global of Telares. The feisty younger protagonists conflict an underground river, participate in a determined chase, and try a bold rescue mission. A dramatic mixture of mind's eye, pleasure, and humor, this novel additionally touches on vital matters corresponding to political repression and baby exertions.

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What had happened to hostile Carlos? – the angry guy who didn’t trust anyone and blamed every kid who wasn’t a slave of the Bulls for his troubles? Lucy had had to risk her life before he accepted her as a friend. Janella blushed and shook Carlos’ hand. Then Lucy got another shock: Carlos looked over Janella’s shoulder into Lucy’s eyes – and winked! They must have been doing personality transplants at the rebel base. But now wasn’t the time to try to work Carlos out. Even with her head still spinning, Lucy was thinking clearly.

Lucy slowed down to Janella’s pace, all the time stretching her mind to sense when they reached the fork in the tunnel. At the fork, she automatically took the righthand path, the one that sloped upwards to the miners’ cubby that the children had claimed as their own. She could hear T-Tongue sniffing and snuffling excitedly up ahead. Soon, they were passing the cubby door. It would have to wait. Angel needed her. They trudged deeper into the mountain, Janella dragging a tentative step behind while Lucy, exhilarated despite the urgency of her mission, felt her questing senses stretch and grow stronger.

Lucy took a deep breath and, at a more measured pace, repeated everything Nigel had said. Well, almost everything – she couldn’t bring herself to explain that she’d lost Nina’s key. The other news was bad enough without adding that, she told herself. Rahel was pensive. ‘I think you are right, Lucy, about this scarred Nigel. Remember when the Bull Commander dropped his mobile phone after the tiger attacked him, and Nigel’s name was in the address book? Well, Aunt Larissa made it her business to find out about him.

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