Burrowing Shrimps and Seagrass Dynamics in Shallow-Water by Hildie Maria E. Nacorda

By Hildie Maria E. Nacorda

According to examine in Bolinao, this publication assesses the significance of small-scale disturbance by means of burrowing shrimps. It covers the distribution of burrowing shrimp disturbance, the habit of the snapping shrimp Alpheus macellarius in situ and as saw from tank experiments, and the results of temporary burial and leaf clipping at the progress styles of the dominant seagrass Thalassia hemprichii. The booklet examines the function of bioturbation via burrowing shrimps in seagrass meadows, foraging techniques of A. macellarius and its mutualistic symbiosis with Cryptocentrus spp., shrimp disturbance and T. hemprichii, and small-scale disturbance and large-scale dynamics.

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1998. ) Royle populations in the coastal waters off Cape Bolinao, NW Philippines. PhD Thesis, Wageningen Agricultural University and IHE-Delft. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 135 p. W. 1999. Overgrazing of a large seagrass bed by the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus in Outer Florida Bay. Marine Ecology Progress Series 190: 211-222. W. 1998. Sediment turnover estimates for the mud shrimp Callianassa subterranea (Montagu) (Thalassinidea) and its influence upon resuspension in the North Sea.

E. M. D. E. VERMAAT © 2008, Hildie Maria Nacorda Table 2. Mean values of (± SEM) depth, sediment characteristics, species richness and shoot densities of seagrasses on the 3 regions (25 sites) surveyed in the Philippines. 04) 17 Legend: +VMR – variance to mean ratio, here given as the range of the most frequent pattern; * Alpheus macellarius – Cryptocentrus sp. burrows were observed to be restricted to seagrass beds; those found on unvegetated substrata were occupied by different alpheid shrimp – goby associations CHAPTER 2: DISTRIBUTION OF SHRIMP DISTURBANCE IN PHILIPPINE SEAGRASS MEADOWS © 2008, Hildie Maria Nacorda Table 3.

Mixed analyses of variance in SPSS were used to test the quadrat dataset of all sites. Densities of the disturbance marks were compared among regions (I-III), among habitat types (seagrass, reef flat lagoon, reef © 2008, Hildie Maria Nacorda CHAPTER 2: DISTRIBUTION OF SHRIMP DISTURBANCE IN PHILIPPINE SEAGRASS MEADOWS 15 lagoon), and among sites for the Bolinao-Anda region (I). Sampling depth, sediment descriptors, mud content, seagrass parameters, and sediment gap densities and sizes were entered as covariates during the analyses and their sums of squares remained additive.

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