Building Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Social by Barbara Fryzel (auth.)

By Barbara Fryzel (auth.)

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Rockefeller and J. P. ). Although the social consciousness of the former was very poor quality, because it came from the richest man in the USA it attracted attention in relation to issues like benignity of wealth or improvement of race by social Darwinism (Bergman, 2001). A similar situation prevailed with Morgan, who convinced the congressional committee of the greater importance of character than assets when lending money. 11 • Personality was originally associated with condign power; however, with society evolving towards condemnation of this form of power, personality now associates more obviously with conditioned power.

The relational aspect of corporate power relates, first of all, to the interlocks which facilitate the exercise of power, but also to the fact that the ties between actors transmit the consequences of actions and it is through these ties that influence happens. There are two basic perspectives in the analysis of organizational power: one looks into internal power manifestations and one analyzes its external expressions. Examples of the internal context include: research on boards and CEOs (Bigley and Wiersema, 2002; Westphal and Zajac, 1995; Golden and Zajac, 2001; Stiles 2001),6 studies on departmental power (Pfeffer and Salancik, 1974; Enz, 1988) based on the assumption that power (influence) is shaped by social beliefs,7 studies of ownership concentration, voting rights and coalition forming (Schleifer and Vishny, 1997; Napel and Widgren, 2003) and studies of power as the ties between the actors (Krackhardt, 1990) focusing on a structural aspect of these relations.

Org/intgrossman. htm). ). As Grossman argues, the problem is that: corporate CEOs continue to make the wrong decisions primarily because they make them in private, based on their own values and on immediate return. What do we have now? Poisoning of our food supply, our air, our water, the warming and poisoning of the whole planet, an incredible increasing gap between rich and poor and CEO salaries which are a billion times higher than workers’ salaries. 9 A Galbraithian concept of power To all those who question a study of power as a legitimate discipline of science or would like to call it an esoteric knowledge, Galbraith offers an argument, quoting Adolf Berle: subject is not a remote or esoteric thing.

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