Boulton Paul Aircraft by Alec Brew

By Alec Brew

This paintings analyzes the improvement of an organization recognized for its unmarried- and twin-engined aeroplanes, its govt airplane and commuter liners. necessarily a lot pressure is laid upon the Beech 17 staggerwing, which instructions around the world curiosity, and the Beech 18 which was once produced for an extended interval than the other airplane sort.

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3 Local geographic navigation frame mechanisation In order to navigate over large distances around the Earth, navigation information is most commonly required in the local geographic or navigation axis set described earlier. Position on the Earth may be specified in terms of latitude (degrees north or south of a datum) and longitude (degrees east or west of a datum). 14 shows this geographic co-ordinate system on a globe. Lines of constant latitude and longitude are called parallels and meridians, respectively.

In the cases of marine or space applications, such systems may be required to provide navigation data to similar accuracy over periods of weeks, months or even longer in the case of interplanetary exploration. One extreme example is the Voyager spacecraft which has been navigating through the solar system and beyond for more than 25 years. Although the basic principles of inertial navigation systems do not change from one application to another, it will come as no surprise to find that the accuracy of the inertial sensors and the precision to which the associated computation must be carried out varies dramatically over the broad range of applications indicated earlier.

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