Birds of the Darwin region by Niven McCrie, Richard Noske

By Niven McCrie, Richard Noske

* New and actual info at the neighborhood distribution of all the region’s birds, with a map for every general species
* New and exact info at the seasonal incidence and breeding cycle of those birds
* unique pictures of just about all primary species, with photos of nests and eggs or younger of chosen species
* An annotated record of vagrant species

Birds of the Darwin Region is the 1st accomplished remedy of the avifauna of Darwin, a urban situated in Australia’s monsoon tropics, the place seasons are outlined by means of rainfall instead of by way of temperature. With its mangrove-lined bays and creeks, tidal mudflats, monsoon rainforests, savannah woodlands and freshwater lagoons, Darwin has retained all of its unique habitats in near-pristine , and is domestic or host to 323 chicken species. in contrast to different Australian towns, it has no confirmed unique chicken species.

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The timing of Goose movements also varies between years, depending on floodplain water levels. In 2001–02, for example, there was an earlier than usual influx into the Darwin region, with high numbers in early August. The highest December count was also in that year, suggesting that wetlands were still dry, possibly leading to a delay in breeding. Magpie Geese are the most sought after waterfowl by hunters in the Top End, and comprise some 80% of total waterfowl taken. About 90% of recreational hunting takes place at Howard Springs Hunting Reserve and Shoal Bay Coastal Reserve within the Darwin region, and at Lambell’s Lagoon Conservation Reserve and Harrison Dam Conservation Reserve not far outside of the region.

28 The species occurs only rarely in saline wetlands on and near the coast,27 and is a somewhat irregular visitor to the Darwin region, possibly due to the limited amount of their preferred open grassland habitat. 1 While Plumed Whistling Ducks have been recorded in all months except May, the species is most frequently reported from ­September through November. 27 It is interesting that October, when numbers peak in the Darwin region, is at the end of the peak months for the Top End as a whole.

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