Birds: Evolution and Behavior, Breeding Strategies, by Lucas Ruiz, Franco Iglesias

By Lucas Ruiz, Franco Iglesias

During this textual content, the authors current present examine within the research of the evolution and behavior, breeding thoughts, migration and unfold of ailment in the chook species. the themes mentioned during this compilation comprise intercourse decision in birds; constitution and serve as of the avian breathing approach, with dialogue concerning its predisposition to damage by means of particulates and pathogenic micro-organisms; distribution and dispersion of coccidia in wild passerines of the Americas; and lots more and plenty extra.

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34 J. N. Maina Figures 25-26. The blood-gas barrier of the lung of the domestic fowl. Figure 25: A transmission electron micrograph. Figure 25: A freeze fracture preparation. En, endothelial cell; BM, basement membrane; arrows, epithelium; Er, erythrocyte; AC, air capillary; Pl, plasma layer; dashed circle (Figure 26), intercellular junction. , determination of the air flow and the composition of the respiratory gases. , towards the MDSB, during expiration, and d) the PPPR develop before the NPPR (Romanoff, 1960; Maina 2003a, b).

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