Biology and ecology of carp by Constanze Pietsch, Philipp Hirsch

By Constanze Pietsch, Philipp Hirsch

Carp are the spine of a starting to be aquaculture undefined. They facilitate medical development as a version species in laboratories, reason quandary for environment managers as an invasive species, and mesmerize anglers as significant video game. additionally, decorative koi carp fascinate pastime breeders. Biology and Ecology of Carp covers these kind of features of this freshwater fish.

Informative and fascinating contributions from popular specialists overview the present country of study on carp and current their unique findings. 13 cross-linked chapters supply an exhaustive but simply available treatise explorinig:

  • Carp aquaculture
  • Natural and synthetic reproduction
  • Feeding and growth
  • Ecosystem results of carp
  • Effects of ailment brokers and poisonous elements on carp

Color illustrations and infoboxes support readers navigate technical phrases and complicated strategies, explaining how carp engage with their traditional and synthetic environments. This booklet is acceptable for everybody drawn to carp―from students to anglers.

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