Biodiversity and Evolution of Parasitic Life in the Southern by Sven Klimpel, Thomas Kuhn, Heinz Mehlhorn

By Sven Klimpel, Thomas Kuhn, Heinz Mehlhorn

The Southern Oceans together with Antarctic areas are strange and intensely delicate water biotopes, the place animal existence and species interrelations are just poorly investigated. in particular the impact of parasites on their host species wishes extensive attention in occasions of world warming and all over the world toxins. either elements may possibly effect the finely balanced interrelationships among parasites and endangered hosts specially in really expert areas reminiscent of Antarctica. ahead of this historical past the current ebook deals a large spectrum of significant parasite-host interrelations in instances of surroundings alterations written by way of skilled and renown foreign specialists.

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Polar Biol 34:1167–1174 Takahashi KT, Kobayashi M, Kawaguchi S, Saigusa J, Tanimura A, Fukuchi M, Naganobu M, Toda T (2008) Circumpolar occurrence of gregarinid protozoan Cephaloidophora pacifica associated with Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba. Antarct Sci 20:437–440 Timofeeva TA, Gaevskaya AV, Kovaleva AA (1987) Capsalids of the notothenoid fishes from Atlantic region of Antarctica and sub-Antarctica (Monogenea, Capsalidae). Tr Zool Inst 61:78–93 Utevsky AY (1993) A new marine leech Nototheniobdella sawyer gen.

The opisthaptor of the Monopisthocotylea (=Polyonchoinea) forms a single attachment unit consisting either of a large sucker bearing various types of hooks, or it consists entirely of large and small hooks (Whittington 2005). Polyopisthocotylean attachment organs bear several to numerous grasping units in the form of sclerotized clamps (Whittington 2005). The two monophyletic lineages evolved independently and have a common ancestor with either cestodes or trematodes (Olson and Tkach 2005). Their monoxenous life cycle lacks intermediate hosts and asexual reproduction, however, species show a high degree of host specificity.

Monogenetic trematodes from Antarctic fishes: the superfamily Gyrodactyloidea Johnston and Tiegs, 1922. In: Schmitt WL, Llano GA (eds) Antarctic research series 11. Biology of the Antarctic Seas III. C. pp 91–99 Hargis WJ, Dillon WA (1968b) Helminth parasites of Antarctic vertebrates.  Monogenetic trematodes from Antarctic fishes: the superfamily Capsaloidea Price, 1936. Proc Biol Soc Wash. C. 81:403–412 24 K. MacKenzie Hargis WJ, Zwerner DE (1968) Parasites of Antarctic vertebrates and invertebrates.

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