Beyond the Developmental State: East Asia’s Political by Steve Chan, Cal Clark, Danny Lam

By Steve Chan, Cal Clark, Danny Lam

This number of essays examines the old impression of states in East Asia's political economies, and considers their contributions to the continued social, financial and political transformation of the international locations during this area. They exhibit that the prestige of those so-called developmental states have developed over the years, and that their function and means were considerably concerning the social bases and cultural roots of the proper countries.

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The second seeks to explain the better economic performance of Thailand compared to Malaysia, and especially to the Philippines, by the nature of their state-society relations. The final case study compares Sri Lanka's social and economic performance with that of China and Taiwan to suggest that even politically antithetical regimes may have socio-cultural similarities that condition economic outcomes. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea: A Stark Difference in Firm Size and Competitive Strategy Outside of East Asian studies, there is an impression of an East Asian developmental model representing the successful Confucian capitalism of Japan and the four Little Dragons.

They registered record economic growth rates not only during the prosperous 1960swhen international trade and investment were expanding rapidly, but they also managed to sustain their dynamism through the 1970s and 1980s in the face of several oil price hikes, a global recession, and rising protectionism in their major export markets. In addition, the exceptionally rapid economic growth of the East Asian economies has been accompanied by high and rising per-capita incomes, relatively low levels of inequality in wealth and income distribution, and dramatic improvements in other dimensions of human welfare, such as education, health, and housing.

It has been revised and condensed for publication here with the permission of Basil Blackwell. 4 More than the Market, More than the State: Global Commodity Chains and Industrial Upgrading in East Asia Gary Gereffi STATES AND MARKETS IN EAST ASIA'S "ECONOMIC MIRACLE" Japan and the newly industrializing countries (NICs) of East Asia - South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore - have been dubbed "miracle economies" because of their unparalleled accomplishments in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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