Berenstain Bears and the Mansion Mystery by Stan Berenstain

By Stan Berenstain

When girl Grizzly’s worthy antiques move lacking, the endure Detectives are at the case!

while Papa undergo is invited to Grizzly Mansion to speak company with Squire Grizzly, the richest endure in endure kingdom, Brother and Sister endure beg to come back alongside. The butler solutions the door, saying the arriving of Papa, Brother, Sister, and the cubs’ traveling cousin, Freddy. The disappearance of girl Grizzly’s worthwhile antiques quickly throws the loved ones into chaos. Papa, who thinks he’s a professional on every thing, vows to unravel the case with the help of Freddy’s sniffer hound, Snuff. however the greatest vanishing act is but to come back. Can the undergo kinfolk resolve the case and repair concord to Grizzly Mansion?

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In fact, the specimen does not show any osteological features to suggest that it is Preondactylus rather than Eudimorphodon or Peteinosaurus, and the 26 F. M. DALLA VECCHIA ratios of long bone lengths, all based on estimated measurements, are similar to those of MCSNB 3359. Other taxonomically indeterminate remains from the Dolomia di Form include a single large wing phalanx 4 (MFSN 19836) (Dalla Vecchia 2000) and a partial segment of a caudal vertebral column with two wing phalanges 4 (MFSN 19864; Dalla Vecchia 2001).

Another specimen (MFSN 25161) is still under study by the author, and a second, formerly kept in a private collection, has been cited by Dalla Vecchia (1994). Both come from the Dolomia di Forni. Austriadactylus Dalla Vecchia et al. 2002 (monospecific) Austriadactylus cristatus Dalla Vecchia et al 2002 is represented by a nearly complete, but not wellpreserved, articulated skeleton (SMNS 56342) found in the Seefelder Schichten of Tyrol (Dalla Vecchia et al 2002). Indeterminate material MCSNB 4562 from Zogno, Lombardy, is a partial wing finger (wing phalanx 2 incomplete and 3 and 4 complete) of a large pterosaur identified as cf.

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