Attacked (Astonishing Headlines) by Kent Publishing

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This new sequence of nonfiction readers will seize a student's curiosity from the first actual web page! Designed with reluctant readers in brain, those riveting 64-page softcover books provide brief chapters on high-interest headlines. every one bankruptcy is its personal mini-book, which incorporates a timeline, key words, and fascinating proof. interesting black and white photos continue the pages turning. A bibliography encourages additional topical reading.\n\nWhat does it suggest to be unfastened? may you struggle a king in your freedom? could you publicly protest what you suspect to be unjust? hundreds of thousands have performed simply that! What do we examine from those brave women and men? examine humans, their battles, and the way they replaced international locations.

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That made the students even madder. The governor banned the demonstrations, but the students got together anyway. On May 2, 1970, the governor sent in the Ohio National Guard to stop the demonstrations. 34 Real Bullets At Kent State University on May 4, 1970, 3,000 students peacefully protested. But things changed suddenly. Some students threw rocks at the National Guard soldiers. The soldiers threw tear gas into the crowd. The wind blew most of the tear gas away. Next, the soldiers chased the students over a hill and into a parking lot and a field.

The Department of Defense headquarters is called the Pentagon because it is shaped like a pentagon. It has five sides and five interior angles. The Pentagon is easy to spot from up in the air. Like the World Trade Center towers in New York City, the Pentagon was an easy target for the terrorists. More than 23,000 people work in the Pentagon. S. Department of Defense. The Pentagon’s walls are two feet thick, but that did not help. The terrorists used the jet as a 53 flying bomb—it had 20,000 gallons of jet fuel aboard when it hit!

44 In March 1992, the Serbs attacked the Muslims in Sarajevo. The Serbs blocked all the roads in and out of city. Next, they attacked the airport and shut it down. The residents were soon cut off from the rest of the world. They had little food, water, medicine, and electricity. They had no heat. The Bombs Fall Soon after the siege started, the bombing began. First, the Serbs bombed the bridges. They had tanks and rifles. The people in the city could not defend themselves. The Serbs even destroyed Red Cross trucks that tried to get into the city.

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