Atlas of Trichoptera of the SW Pacific — Australian Region by Arturs Neboiss

By Arturs Neboiss

`Benefits to the coed of Trichoptera systematics are prepared entry to figures from papers which are now quite a few and infrequently tricky to procure, and a truly convenient operating guide of figures, accessed utilizing the indexes to basic and species stumbled on in the back of the publication. is an extremely vital paintings within the box, and is a milestone in Trichoptera systematics.'
Journal of the Australian Entomological Society, 26:62 (1987)

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Synopsis of genera (OnLy one genus in the region) Agapetus Curtis, 1834 (17) ~ midLeg 55 GLOSSOSOMATIDAE: tasmanicus (MOSELY. 1953) kimminsi ROSS. 5mm ina v jafiwi ROSS. 1951 m:4mm productus (KIMMINS. 1962) NG m:3mm NG ~ ~FT : : "'....... ',. , •... 5 - 5 mm AUse m: 4 - 5 mm /----------_ ..

L \ ;1 I. 5 mm TA

Antennae stout, shorter than forewing. Mesoscutum and scuteLLum each with pair of setaL warts. Wings eLongate, ovate apicaLLy, discoidaL ceLL of forewing cLosed. tinct, A characteristic, more or Less dis- bLister-Like protuberance near the dorsaL mar- gin of abdominaL sternite 5 SW Pacific - AustraLian in both sexes (species of region); ventraL process on sternite 6 usuaLLy present. In femaLes the midtibia and tarsus more or Less diLated, abdominaL segments 8 and 9 each with Long internaL apodeme on either side.

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