Atlas of European Trichoptera / Atlas der Europäischen by Hans Malicky

By Hans Malicky

Caddis flies are very important symptoms of environmental caliber in aquatic biotopes. This Atlas is the 1st ebook which permits the id of the full eu caddis fly fauna seeing that McLachlan’s Revision and Synopsis of 1874-1880.

Identification of ecu caddis flies has proved tricky because of the generally scattered literature, and has accordingly been a question for experts for greater than hundred years.

This moment variation of The Atlas of ecu Trichoptera comprises over 1400 species this means that a rise of 25% because the first variation of 1983.

Identification of specimens is among the such a lot tricky initiatives in Zoology. This quantity offers info for you to permit the reader to improve his personal reviews and also will aid him achieve judgements about the accuracy of his personal effects.

The id of specimens is undertaken by way of evaluating the designated drawings of an important features of all species identified in Europe, the Mediterranean international locations north of the Sahara, the Canary islands, Madeira, the Azores islands and the adjoining japanese areas together with the Arab Peninsula and Iran. The fauna of Turkistan and Siberia is in part incorporated.

Explanations of the drawings are supplied ordinarily by means of symbols which permit using this publication autonomous of language. this idea has been proved winning in college classes.

The introductory chapters are in English, German and French. should still a reader now not comprehend any of those languages, the interpretation of those few pages, together with the pages of causes, will supply enough knowing for the full book.

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Rougemonti MCLACHLAN 1880 14-16 sAP appennina MCLACHLAN 1898 12 AP Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila loxias SCHMID 1970 13-15 sBA ~ 29 E 344+ obtusa KLAPÂLEK 1894 7 BA w trescavicensis 8-9 BA cibinensis KA a diakoftensis MALlCKY 1983 13 BA vranitzensis MARINKOVIC &BOTOSANEANU 1967 7-8 BA biegelmeieri MALlCKY 1984 12 BA motasi BOTOSANEANU 1957 11-12 KA kimminsiana BOTOSANEANU 1958 12 KA . ;/. r orghidani BOTOSANEANU 1952 8-11 KA ~ ...... ;:;:[),5 . •••• Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila balcanica RADOVANOVIC 1953 18 BA ~ E 30 344+ kownackiana SZCZESNY 1970 7 BA denticulifera I morettina 8 BA a armeniaca GUERIN 1834 18 SE furcifera KLAPÂLEK 1904 8-9 KA joosti MEY 1979 15 BA gudrunae MALlCKY 1972 12-14 KR sibirica MCLACHLAN 1879 9 NE margaritae KUMANSKI 1998 8-12 BA Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila ~ E 31 344+ arhaviensis SIPAHILER 1986 12-13 AM ~ ~~ c/avalis MARTYNOV 1913 KK, AM cupressorum MARTYNOV 1913 12 KK ~ ~ c~~ zwickorum MALlCKY 1972 AM aberrans MARTYNOV 1913 7-8 KK Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila abchasica MARTYNOV 1934 10 KK ~ E 32 344+ osellai MALlCKY 1981 AM 12 C> ~~.

I : : : v braaschi MALlCKY & KUMANSKI 1976 * 10-11 BA margaritae KUMANSKI 1998 9-12 BA ! Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila obtusa KLAPALEK 1894 7-8 BA 7 producfa MCLACHLAN 1879 8-9 eAL 344+ orghidani BOTOSANEANU 1952 9-10 KA spinuJata MARTYNOV 1913 7 KK vranitzensis MARINKOVIC & BOTOSANEANU 1967 7-8 BA aberrans MARTYNOV 1913 6-8 KK trescavicensis BOTOSANEANU 1960 9-12 BA pendayica MALlCKY 1975 8 sBA borcka SIPAHILER 1996 11 AM 8 Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila 344+ nubila ZETTERSTEDT 1840 10-12 ...

I~, ~~\::: , 1 .. ' .... It , \/ • t' v 14 Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila intermedia MCLACHLAN 1868 12-14 344+ terpsichore MALlCKY 1976 10-14 18 pulchra SCHMID 1952 10-11 18 /aufferi NAVAs 1918 • 12 18 \ ~ . ,\\ ", ~'.. '. / I " ' I r. etkakanae SIPAHllER 1993 12 py joani SIPAHILER 2000 • 9-10 IB H 15 ci Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila 344+ ita/ica MORETII1981 9-14 cAP rougemonti MCLACHLAN 1880 12-14 sAP i. ilvana MORETIl1981 Elba pallida MOSELY 1930 10-14 ca, SA :. . J\ . ~ val/ei MORETII 1997 9-10 AP ,.

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