Artificial insemination in farm animals by Milad Manafi

By Milad Manafi

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1. 2. further inseminations until the animal is on heat (b) insemination every 8 to 12 hours sub-points are the same as in point (a) (B) the first insemination made 3 to 4 hours after selection or later sub-points are the same as in point (A/a) II. Selection every 8 to 12 hours (A) insemination made right after detection (a) no further insemination made (b) further inseminations every 8 to 12 hours sub-points are the same as in point I. (A/a) (B) first insemination made 3 to 4 hours after detection or later sub-points are the same as in point I.

The result of AI on farm No. 8 in German Mutton Merino. 8 value was found four times (Table 5). 4 lambs in the case of Hungarian Merino. 3 advantage per lambing over the national average in the country. 05) per trait (pregnancy, weaning) among breeds and years. Table 5. The results of AI on farm No. 9 44 Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals As this farm was one of the best, these data were very close to each other and their levels were close to the maximum of the genetic possibilities, yet the differences found among them originated from the breed characteristics.

9 The extender used The main aim of diluting is to enlarge the fertility and storing ability of ram semen (Mucsi, 1997; Sarlós, 1999; Gergátz, 2007) with additional energy. There are many kinds of extenders used for this reason (skimmed milk, Ivanov, Salamon, improved versions of them, etc. , 2006), and most of the authors suggest materials. The semen used in any kind of artificial insemination is mainly diluted, and dilution is particularly important in the case of cooling, chilling and deep freezing of semen.

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