Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory: by Gilles Lachaud, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Michael A. Tsfasman

By Gilles Lachaud, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Michael A. Tsfasman

This quantity includes the court cases of the eleventh convention on AGC2T, held in Marseilles, France in November 2007. There are 12 unique study articles masking asymptotic homes of worldwide fields, mathematics homes of curves and better dimensional kinds, and functions to codes and cryptography. This quantity additionally features a survey article on purposes of finite fields by way of J.-P. Serre. AGC2T meetings occur in Marseilles, France each 2 years. those foreign meetings were a huge occasion within the sector of utilized mathematics geometry for greater than two decades

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P5 in P1 (Ks ) with ramification orders ≤ 2 and the ramification cycle of P5 in the monodromy group is a transposition. Then the Galois closure ϕ : C → P1K of ϕ has Galois group Sn and is regular over K. The ramification structure induces five involutions σi ∈ Sn which generate Sn with σi = 1, where σ5 is a transposition, σ4 is a product of n−3 transpositions 2 and each of σi , i = 1, 2, 3 is a product of n−1 transpositions (after a suitable 2 numeration). Thus, the ramification structure of ϕ (or, more precisely, of ϕ) is described by the tuple C = (cl(σ1 ), .

I) If w(X , Q) = 4, then there exists a linear transformation such that X and Q are defined with the indeterminates x0 , x1 , x2 , x3 . Suppose rank(X )=3. From [5, IV-D-3,4 ], we get |X ∩ Q ∩ E3 (Fq )| = 4q + 1 or |X ∩ Q ∩ E3 (Fq )| ≤ 3q. 2 we deduce that either |X ∩Q| = 4q 2 +q +1 in the case where X and Q have exactly four common CODES DEFINED BY FORMS OF DEGREE 2 ON QUADRIC VARIETIES IN P4 (Fq ) 25 5 planes through a line or |X ∩ Q| ≤ 3q 2 + 1 otherwise. If rank(X )=4 and g(X ) = 1, from [5, IV-D-2] we get |X ∩ Q ∩ E3 (Fq )| ≤ 2(q + 1).

We use the term forms of degree h to describe homogeneous polynomials f of degree h, and Z(f ) denotes the zeros of f in the projective space Pn (Fq ). Let Fh (V ) be the vector space of forms of degree h in V = An+1 (Fq ), X ⊂ Pn (Fq ) a variety and |X| the number of rational points of X over Fq . Let Wi be the set of points with homogeneous coordinates (x0 : ... : xn ) ∈ Pn (Fq ) such that xj = 0 for j < i and xi = 0. The family {Wi }0≤i≤n is a partition of Pn (Fq ). , xn )/xi h with x = (x0 : ...

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