Applied research on polymer composites by Pooria Pasbakhsh; A K Haghi; G E Zaikov

By Pooria Pasbakhsh; A K Haghi; G E Zaikov

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The complete regeneration of mesothelium, with morphology and biochemical activity similar to findings in native mesothelium, may explain the reduction of postoperative pericardial adhesions after operations with insertion of absorbable PHB patches [67]. The regeneration of normal filament structure of restored tissues was observed by immunohistochemical methods after PHB devices implantation [66]. The immunohistochemical demonstration of cytokeratine, an intermediate filament, which is a constituent of epithelial and mesodermal cells, agreed with observations on intact mesothelium.

It was shown that at first load at break, index decreased rapidly from 440 to 390 g (12%) at 15th day and then gradually increased to the initial value at 90th and remain almost unchanged up to 182nd day [22] or gradually decreased 20 Applied Research on Polymer Composites in 27 per cent during 180 days [23], strain at break decreased rapidly from 60 to 50 per cent (in 17% of initial value) at 10th day and then gradually increased to 70 per cent (in 17% of initial value) at 182nd day [22] or did not change significantly during 180 days [23].

The long absorption time produced a foreign body reaction, which was restricted to macrophages forming a peripolymer layer [23, 65, 68, 72]. Very important data that clarifies the tissue response that contributes to biodegradation of PHB was obtained by Lobler. A significant increase of expression of two specific lipases after 7 and 14 days of PHB contact with animal tissues was demonstrated. Moreover, liver-specific genes were induced with similar results. It is striking that pancreatic enzymes are induced in the gastric wall after contact with biomaterials [46].

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