Applied mathematical models and experimental approaches in by Vladimir Ivanovitch Kodolov, Mikhail A. Korepanov

By Vladimir Ivanovitch Kodolov, Mikhail A. Korepanov

This new ebook makes a speciality of nanomaterial improvement in addition to investigations of combustion and explosion procedures. It provides beneficial info at the modeling of methods and on quantum chemical calculations and modern examine from all over the world during this dynamic box, concentrating on suggestions above formal experimental recommendations and theoretical equipment of chemical physics for micro- and nanotechnologies. additionally offered are non-linear kinetic appearances and their attainable applications.

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Zinenko, V. , Sorokin, B. , & Turchin, P. P. Osnovy fiziki tverdogo tela [Fundamentals of Solid State Physics]. , 2001, 336 p. Stoddard, S. , & Ford J. Numerical Experiments on the Stochastic Behavior of a Lennard-Jones Gas System. Phys. Rev. A, 1973, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 1504–1512. Krivcov, A. , & Krivcova, N. V. Metod chastic i ego ispol’zovanie v mehanike deformiruemogo tverdogo tela [Particle method and its use in solid mechanics]. Dal’nevostochnyj matematicheskij zhurnal – Far Eastern Mathematical Journal, 2002, vol.

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