Animal Spy: Animal Welfare Behind Enemy Lines by Terry Spamer;Gordon Thorburn

By Terry Spamer;Gordon Thorburn

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The tapes of our previous conversations were with Panorama so we would have to get him to admit key issues all over again, in particular his involvement with primate capture and export. In any case, it’s frequent practice for individuals under cover not to be wired up at the first meeting. We listen and make mental notes of the key points, then wear the gear next time when we’re much less likely to be frisked. We picked our table in the bar with great care, finding one out of the way, quiet, in a corner so we could see what was going on around us, but with good lighting.

She was quite offended when it was explained to her that dried ostrich heads made terrible bedside lamps. Seeing as he was laughing so much, I extracted 50 pence worth of Ghanaian money out of Bryn and grandma seemed happy with that, happy enough anyway we hoped not to change herself into a vulture and perch on our hotel window sill. 41 ANIMAL SPY Our guide, like all such in any bazaar or souk in the world, was not put off in the slightest by this failure but pressed cheerfully on, taking us further and further into the market, which seemed to go on for ever.

A friend was moving a baby puff adder, which is a desertdwelling viper known for its aggression, using a wooden ruler. It was a 12-inch ruler and a 6-inch snake, which fell off the ruler and, as it fell, twisted in mid air and bit my friend on the thumb. This man was a tough character, an ex-professional wrestler, but he told me that, in the hospital, the pain he suffered from this little snake had made him wish himself dead. Albert thought this was very funny also. With promises to work out a system for importing and distributing his reptiles in the UK, we said cheerio and told him we would be taking a look at the ivory in the market next morning.

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