Animal Experimentation: The Consensus Changes by Gill Langley

By Gill Langley

This e-book addresses sensible and philosophical concerns concerning the use of animals in biomedical study, trying out and instructing. It does so with the purpose of proposing evidence and arguments to motivate scientists to re-examine their perspectives approximately animal experiments.

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Whatever else we may want to say of them, we do not want to say that they are members of our species, the species Homo sapiens. T. and the other members ofhis biological species by hunting for sport, for example, even though it is wrong to do this to members of our species for this reason. But no double standards are allowed. If their belonging to a different species makes it all right to kill or harm them, then our belonging to a different species than the one to which they belong will cancel the wrongness of their killing or harming us.

And when animals are not owned by anyone in particular, we still should not harm them unnecessarily since people who do this to animals have a tendency to do the same sorts of things to human beings; since we do have a duty not to do this sort of thing to human beings, we therefore ought to avoid doing it to animals-not because we owe it to them, to be sure, but because we do owe it to one another. If our duties regarding animals were indirect duties, one might then argue that Ventricle's research would have been wrong if done on human incompetents, but morally permissible if done on primates.

If their belonging to a different species makes it all right to kill or harm them, then our belonging to a different species than the one to which they belong will cancel the wrongness of their killing or harming us. 's compatriots say, before taking aim at us or prior to inducing our heart attacks, 'but you just don't belong to the right species'. As for us, we cannot lodge a whine of a moral objection if species membership, besides being a biological difference, is a morally relevant one. Before we give our assent to this idea, therefore, we ought to consider whether, were we to come face to face with another powerful species of extraterrestrials, we would think it reasonable to try to move them by the force of moral argument and persuasion.

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