Anaphora Resolution and Text Retrieval by Helene Schmolz

By Helene Schmolz

The fields of linguistics and data expertise can take advantage of one another in helpful methods in the event that they get hooked up in a really interdisciplinary manner. This e-book makes a speciality of anaphora answer for the English language and exhibits how profitable a linguistic-computational point of view could be. It outlines all kinds of anaphors and their frequencies and in addition develops ideas for resolving non-finite clause anaphors, that have by no means prior to been tested.

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Subsequently, an anaphor belongs to one of these three categories: category of coreference, category of substitution, miscellaneous category. – The use of an anaphor mostly leads to a reduction of a text and/or usually avoids excessive repetition. Some types of anaphors reduce a text and introduce alternative expressions. Other types are more responsible for avoiding repetition and restricting repetition to an acceptable amount. – Anaphors contribute to the cohesion of a text, and thus disclose a text’s content.

5-6) All in all, paying attention to cohesion plays a fundamental role in finding out what the text is about. 3 Cohesive devices as a form of reduction The use of anaphors as cohesive devices in texts can be a form of reduction. Reduction means that shorter forms replace full expressions; the text gets more compressed and redundancies are avoided. Syntax plays an important role and decides what forms of reduction are possible. Quirk et al. (2012) stress: Although reduction may in general be regarded in semantic or pragmatic terms as a means of avoiding redundancy of expression, what kinds of reduction are permitted is largely a matter of syntax.

In English, it is documented for the first time in 1589 (cf. Simpson & Weiner 1989: 436-437): Anaphora, or the Figure of Report. Repetition in the firſt degree we call the figure of Report according to the Greeke originall, and is when we make one word begin, and as they are wont to ſay, lead the daunce to many verſes in ſute, as thus. To thinke on death it is a miferie, To think on life it is a vanitie: To thinke on the world verily it is, To thinke that heare man hath no perfit bliffe. (Puttenham 1589: 165) “Anaphora” here denotes the rhetoric figure of repetition.

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