Analytical Techniques for Atmospheric Measurement by Dwayne Heard

By Dwayne Heard

Written as an authoritative consultant to the ideas of instrumental size for the atmospheric scientist, study scholar or undergraduate, Analytical options for Atmospheric dimension specializes in the tools used to make genuine time measurements of atmospheric fuel and aerosol composition.

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2 separates analytical techniques used to make composition measurements in the atmosphere into their major classifications. g. 2 (Continued) Classification Photolysis frequencies Measurements from space Other Technique Chapter Filter radiometry Spectral radiometry 9 9 Chemical actinometry 9 Satellites (various techniques) 1 Space shuttle, SpaceLab-3 1 Matrix isolation ESR 1 Solid-state sensors Electrochemical 1 7 Species measured J O1 D , J NO2 J O1 D , J NO2 , J(HONO), J CH2 O , J value of any species subject to knowledge of absorption cross-section and quantum yield J O1 D , J NO2 Aerosols, O3 , N2 O, NO, NO2 , HNO3 , CF3 Cl, CF2 Cl2 , CFCl3 , other CFCs, O3 , ClONO2 , CO2 , CH4 , H2 O, BrO, OClO, SO2 , CH2 O, HF, HCl, CO, N2 O5 , ClO, O3 , O2 , O2 a1 , O4 (O2 dimer), HOCl O3 , NO, NO2 , N2 O5 , ClONO2 , HCl, HF, CH4 , CFCs, ClO, H2 O, OH HO2 , sum of all RO2 , CH3 CO · O2 , NO3 , NO2 CO, O3 , hydrocarbons, NOx , H2 O O3 been measured.

2004). , 2002). 2 Ship-borne platforms Ocean-going research vessels are operated by a number of national agencies for the measurement of atmospheric composition, including ice-breakers for polar regions. Examples include the Ronald H. Brown, operated by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the RV Polarstern, operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute, and the RRS Discovery and Charles Darwin, operated by the UK Natural Environmental Research Council. org/). Ship-borne platforms have the advantage that heavy and power-hungry instruments can be accommodated, although space in laboratories is limited.

Electrical power is usually not a limiting factor at ground-based sites, with the exception of extremely remote locations where all power has to be provided through diesel-powered (or possibly wind- or solarpowered) generators. g. g. OH measurements). It is important that there is a good record of the local meteorology, including micrometeorological measurements of local mixing or internal boundary layers. Detailed meteorological measurements are essential during all campaigns, in particular if there are power-generating diesel generators, whose exhaust must be downwind.

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