Aggregation Functions: A Guide for Practitioners by Gleb Beliakov

By Gleb Beliakov

A extensive creation to the subject of aggregation features is to be present in this ebook. It additionally offers a concise account of the houses and the most sessions of such features. a few cutting-edge concepts are awarded, in addition to many graphical illustrations and new interpolatory aggregation services. specific awareness is paid to id and building of aggregation capabilities from software particular specifications and empirical info.

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0) yields the maximum and w = (0, . . , 0, 1) yields the minimum function. 5 Choquet and Sugeno integrals These are two classes of averaging aggregation functions defined with respect to a fuzzy measure. They are useful to model interactions between the variables xi . 73 (Fuzzy measure). Let N = {1, 2, . . , n}. e. v(S) ≤ v(T ) whenever S ⊆ T ) and satisfies v(∅) = 0, v(N ) = 1. 74 (Choquet integral). 9) i=1 where x = (x(1) , x(2) , . . , x(n) ) is a non-decreasing permutation of the input x, and x(n+1) = ∞ by convention.

Compute y˜j = fm (x1j , . . , xmj ), and then aggregate these scores as z˜ = fn (˜ y1 , . . , y˜n ). The third alternative is to aggregate all the scores by an aggregation function fmn (x). 1. We can either aggregate scores in each row, and then aggregate the totals in the last column of this table, or we can aggregate scores in each column, and then aggregate the totals in the last row, or aggregate all scores at once. The bisymmetry property simply means that all three methods lead to the same answer.

M Total 1 x11 x21 x31 x41 .. xm1 y˜1 2 x12 x22 x32 x42 .. xm2 y˜2 3 x13 x23 x33 x43 .. xm3 y˜3 ... ... ... . ... n x1n x2n x3n x4n .. xmn y˜n Total y1 y2 y3 y4 .. 44. A symmetric associative extended aggregation function is bisymmetric. , the arithmetic and geometric means. The extended aggregation function defined by f (x) = x1 (projection to the first coordinate) is bisymmetric and asn xi 2 sociative but not symmetric. The extended aggregation function f (x) = i=1 n (square of the arithmetic mean) is symmetric but neither associative nor bisymmetric.

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