Adverbial Clauses in Cross-Linguistic Perspective by Katja Hetterle

By Katja Hetterle

This examine investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic point of view. based on different fresh typological examine within the context of complicated sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from a close, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon lower than scrutiny.

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First of all, I would like to thank my thesis supervisor Holger Diessel. I had a crush on languages ever since I started to learn English, but it was Holger who, when we first met in a typology class in 2004, awakened in me the great enthusiasm to not just learn languages, but to study them scientifically, and I have been in love with language ever since. Holger accompanied me through the years, and although he constantly encouraged me to independently work my way through the linguistic jungle, he was always there to provide support, professional advice, and a great deal of encouragement.

36:Multifunctionality data of Malayalam (extract) Tab. 37:Total number of monofunctional and multifunctional adverbial linkers Tab. 38:Types of multifunctionality Tab. 39:Frequencies of markers of the individual relations Tab. 40:Comparison of monofunctionality and multifunctionality across adverbial relations Tab. 41:Degrees of explicitness of adverbial relations (proportions) Tab. 42:Degree of explicitness of adverbial relations (counts and mean values) Tab. 43:Multifunctionality patterns of SIMULTANEITY OVERLAP Tab.

5:Position of linker and order of V and O Fig. 6:Position of the clausal linker and clause order patterns Fig. 7:Clause order and order of V and O Fig. 8:Position of adverbial clauses Fig. 10:The Downgrading Hierarchy of Adverbial Relations (14 relations) Fig. 11:A downgrading hierarchy of postposed and flexible adverbial clauses Fig. 12:A downgrading hierarchy of preposed adverbial clauses Fig. 13:Degrees of downgrading of preposed versus postposed/flexible adverbial clauses Fig. 15:Scale of proportions of monofunctional and multifunctional adverbial linkers Fig.

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