A New History of Leviathan: Essays on the Rise of the by Ronald Radosh, Murray N. Rothbard

By Ronald Radosh, Murray N. Rothbard

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Johnson was himself president of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and Farrell the president of the United States Steel Corporation. , pp. 203-204. , pp. 15, 17,45745 Straight had served as agent of the American Banking Group in China during the days of the Six-Power Consortium, was associated with the House of Morgan, and was a leading participant in the organization of the N F T C . 32 NEW HISTORY OF LEVIATHAN h a d been passed by Congress. T h e Association's expressed p u r p o s e for inviting B r y a n t o t h e dinner, w h i c h w a s attended by leaders of the c o r p o r a t e c o m m u n i t y , was t o exchange views with h i m on, a n d h a v e h i m clarify, the Administration's foreign policy.

To cite the fact that Louis D. Brandeis exerted decisive influence in Wilson's acceptance of the trade commission bill as evidence of a basic alteration in Wilson's views on the trust question, is either to overlook Brandeis' public utterances at the time and the program he advocated, or to disregard Wilson's previous writings and statements. S. " The issue involved in Wilson's abandoning the Clayton bill was primarily the impracticality of specifying every unfair practice to be proscribed, and the severity with which, in its original form, it threatened to interfere with corporate practices.

66 It was here that the Chamber appointed its special committee on trade commission legislation, of which William L. Saunders and Rublee were members. Other members included president of the Chamber R. G. Rhett, Professor wppWW, Vol. Ill, pp. 82, 83. Emphasis in original. , the report of William L. Saunders to the second National Foreign Trade Convention in January, 1915. Chairman of the board of the Ingersoll-Rand Company, Saunders was also a charter member of the National Foreign Trade Council, and had served with Rublee on the Chamber of Commerce's special committee that played a leading part in drafting the trade commission act.

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