A Geography of the Lifeworld: Movement, Rest, and Encounter by David Seamon

By David Seamon

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Officials who converted the machines sought to improve transit service. 41). Instead, the change produced longer lines as passengers deposited tokens and then demanded their money back. “People,” said one token seller, “don’t read the sign. Some put a token in an then go under the turnstile; others come back to me. 41). Here a simple body ballet is suddenly out of phase with the world at hand. ” In time, obviously, people will adjust to the change and service will improve. The point is that officials were not aware of the confusion that might ensue because of the change; had they been, they might have instituted the new machines more carefully, perhaps with advance publicity or announcements by loudspeaker.

All the things I use have definite places—even the spices in my spice rack. When I’m preparing a meal, I can quickly locate ingredients and utensils without having to think about it at all. 2). In outdoor environments, people less frequently create places for things, since most exterior elements are fixed in position and not easily moved. Even here, however, some individual at some point in time must originally locate a particular thing, be it planted tree, water fountain, garage or whatever. Often this locating process requires considerable time and may become a significant event for person or family.

Literally, the home roots the person spatially, providing a physical center for departure and return. Although inescapably a part of a larger geographical whole, the home is a special place because around it the person organizes his comings and goings: ‘space isn’t all equal for me. Where I live is a unique place because I’m always leaving it and coming back. 2). The body is the foundation of rootedness. Through the recurring cycle of departure and return, body-subject comes to know the placement of home and its relative location in terms of paths, places, people and things.

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