A Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names by James A. Jobling

By James A. Jobling

Containing over 8,500 entries, A Dictionary of medical chook Names is the 1st booklet to give an explanation for the derivation and which means of all legitimate medical chook names. This important reference defines each one identify half individually to prevent the confusion of destiny revisions--a identify like Passer domesticus will basically be chanced on because the separate entries Passer (sparrow) and domesticus (domestic). different entries supply attention-grabbing info and necessary info. We research, for instance, that lewis is derived from explorer Meriwether Lewis, and decussatus shows chook is marked with X-shaped crosses. And an informative advent discusses the ways that birds were named for his or her visual appeal, for somebody or position, or a few element in their habitat, nutrients, or voice.
With a whole bibliography and huge cross-references, A Dictionary of chicken Names will discover a everlasting position on any bird-lover's shelf.

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Arnotti After David Arnott (18221894) South African attorney. aromatica L. aromaticus, fragrant, aromatic (aroma, a spice); the Grey-winged Green Pigeon Treron was described 44 45 from the Moluccas or Spice Islands. aroyae After La Aroya, Inambari Valley, Marcapata, Peru. Â < previous page < previous page page_18 page_19 next page > next page > Page 19 arquata 1 Med. L. arquata, the curlew (L. arcuatus or arquatus, bow-shaped, curved); ref. shape of bill (Numenius). 2 L. arquatus, a jaundice sufferer; a yellowing of the skin and eyes is symptomatic of jaundice, and here the name refers to the yellowish coloration of the Morning Warbler (Cichladusa).

Astur Late L. astur, a kind of hawk mentioned by Firmicus Maternus (fl. AD 340), not further identified (Gr. asterias, a kind of hawk mentioned by Aristotle and Claudius Aelianus, usually identified with the Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis). Asturina /asturinus Syn. genus Astur, goshawk; L. -inus, resembling. Asyndesmus Gr. My name has reference to the disconnection of the fibres of the feather ' (Coues (1866), Proc. Acad. Nat. , 55); Lewis' Woodpecker A. lewis is an aberrant North American sp.

Aurantiacus, orange colour (aurantia, an orange). aurantiifrons Mod. L. aurantius, aurantii, orange-coloured; L. frons, the forehead or brow. aurantiigula Mod. L. aurantius, orange-coloured; L. gula, the throat. aurantiirostris Mod. L. aurantius, orange-coloured; L. -rostris, billed (rostrum, the bill). aurantiivertex Mod. L. aurantius, orange-coloured; L. vertex, the crown of the head. aurantioatrocristatus Mod. L. aurantius, orange-coloured; L. ater, atri, black; cristatus, crested (crista, a crest).

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