nauseous youth future

Nauseous Youth Future is Brian Flanders (b. 1982). Psycho acoustics and the formularization of computer generated sound has been the main examination of NYF since early 1998. Pushing the sonic boundaries with an unrelenting affection, NYF takes his influence from many of the already high profile fellows of the same attitude.
Based in Asheville, NC, Flanders was indirectly involved with the conception of Broken Fader Cartel, a record label now based out of Chapel Hill, NC and Portland, OR. His first album Njoi the Silence EP (2003) was unreleased to the public but is now available for digital download via the steal page. It featured 5 tracks of experimental glitch with heavily distorted drums and minimalist melodies. Flanders released his most recent work Dosage (2006) consisting of a more controlled aural atmosphere, with lush melodies and glitchy beats. He also has been featured on the two compilations released by BFC, The Collective Polycarbonate Release (2005) and Cloud Control (2007).

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